Waaah waaah weee waaah!! Design awesomeness alert. Say what – Madrid again? But of-course! That city is flooded with seriously sexy architecture I tell ya. So much design goodness.

Designed by the talented folks at ch+qs architects (I previously blogged about their extremely awesome Hub Offices project), this library, film set and two movie theatres represent the new space dedicated to the world of non-fiction cinema at the Matadero cultural complex.



This has to be one of the most exciting, theatrical, dramatic and dynamic public buildings I have seen in a while (actually, probably since visiting Madrid last year – ha! Do I sound like a wanker? Probably.)

All the floors, walls and ceilings are clad in black timber boards with a lovely satin finish, which reflect just a hint of light delivered via the “tapestry” of woven plastic tubes with beautiful warm lighting. I love the way certain hero elements glow in the space, yet the overall mood feels perfectly balanced between the shadows of black and the vibrance of light.

Extreme love!


[Via thecoolist & knstrct. Photography by FG+SG.]

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