• Design Free Thursday // Lee Materazzi.

    Posted on 18th July, by Dana Tomić Hughes in art, photography, random fun. 3 Comments

    Sitting Under My Grandfather's Chair, 2011 by Lee Materazzi | Yellowtrace.

    Under the Rug, Under the Bench, 2011 by Lee Materazzi | Yellowtrace.

    Level with the Backyard, 2011 by Lee Materazzi | Yellowtrace.

     Coffee Table, 2009 by Lee Materazzi | Yellowtrace.

    Utensil Drawer, 2008 by Lee Materazzi | Yellowtrace.


    Lee Materazzi‘s images sit at the intersection of photography, sculpture, performance art and comedy. Her work is prompted by ordinary things from her daily life – a chair, a favorite blouse, a living room, or simply a person walking by on the street. “I am interested in our ability to imbue such everyday objects and spaces with meaning, and equally the emotional impact that these objects and spaces then have on our persona. Through the manipulation of these relationships my work takes form”, explains the artist.


    Head in Side Table, 2007 by Lee Materazzi | Yellowtrace.

    Cheerios, 2010 by Lee Materazzi | Yellowtrace.

    Head in Table with Breakfast, 2007, by L Materazzi | Yellowtrace.

    Shower Curtain, 2010 by Lee Materazzi | Yellowtrace.

    Vacuum Cleaner, 2010, L Materazzi | Yellowtrace.


    In her images, people are maneuvered into spaces as daily routines are turned up-side down. Household items are torn apart and restructured, trapping fragments of the subject who once utilized them.

    I don’t know about you, but these photos seriously make me laugh. You’ve got to love a woman who isn’t afraid to wrestle with a vacuum cleaner; embrace peeled sheets of wallpaper; smear birthday cake on her face; or bury herself with her legs and head sticking out of the dirt on either side of a walkway. Genius.


    Birthday Cake, 2010, L. Materazzi | Yellowtrace.

    In Between A Path, 2011, L Materazzi | Yellowtrace.

    [All images © Lee Materazzi.]


  • 3 Responses to “Design Free Thursday // Lee Materazzi.”

    1. silicon m says:

      Excellent, made me laugh and made my Thursday

    2. Anna says:

      I love art that doesn’t take itself to seriously. This ticks all the boxes for me. It is hilarious.

    3. kaypergraphics says:

      Imaginative and funny but, OW!

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