• Design Free Thursday // Recycled Beauty by Laurie Frankel.

    Posted on 30th January, by Dana Tomić Hughes in photography, random fun. 3 Comments

    Laurie Frankel: Recycled Beauty Black Radish | Yellowtrace

    Laurie Frankel: Recycled Beauty, Onion Box | Yellowtrace

    Laurie Frankel: Recycled Beauty, Butterfly | Yellowtrace


    I’ve always had a genuine fascination with the concept of turning trash into treasure, so today’s post really hits the spot for me. San Francisco based photographer Laurie Frankel teamed up with Diane Gatterdam to create a fascinating series of still life images titled ‘Recycled Beauty’.

    “These photos highlight the extraordinary amount of disposable items we use for an instant but then live on for years, while nature renews itself in a seamless continual rhythm”, explain the duo. The final result is nothing short of spectacular, capturing the mood resembling the paintings by Dutch masters.


    Laurie Frankel: Recycled Beauty, Fly in the milk | Yellowtrace

    Laurie Frankel: Recycled Beauty, Lemonade | Yellowtrace



    Frankel’s work sits somewhere between carefully considered and playful coincidence, with compositions that are both beautifully restrained and filled with exuberance. Her enthusiasm and her affection for her subject really shines through in her images. She captures the romantic, the whimsical, the gritty and the quirky in a genuinely fresh light. In other words, anyone who can make a bunch of recycling look awesome is a bit of a superstar.

    [Photography by Laurie Frankel.]


  • 3 Responses to “Design Free Thursday // Recycled Beauty by Laurie Frankel.”

    1. [...] All images © Laurie Frankel and Diane Gatterdam | Via: Yellowtrace [...]

    2. [...] Všetke obrazki © Laurie Frankel and Diane Gatterdam | Via: Yellowtrace [...]

    3. Thank you so much featuring these on your blog! Love your postings and am thrilled to be a part of them!

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