• Lacey Bits and Pieces | Guest Post by Textile and Terrain.

    Posted on 15th April, by Dana Tomić Hughes in events + exhibitions, installations. 5 Comments

    Hello yellowtracers!

    It’s our pleasure to be filling in for Dana while she globe trots in search of the latest fancy pants inspirational designs.

    We being Nina and Harriet of Textile and Terrain, two cousins who love all things stitched and grown. Both of us also share a love of all things stitched and yarned. And although I’ve never attempted to make lace before – Janet Echelman’s work took my breath away! She makes lace on a massive scale, and then installs it in the public domain. Her works is exciting and vivacious – and in most importantly, completely challenged the way I thought about the nanna craft of lace making.

    Now for the best news.. drum roll please…  Sydney is having it’s own Lace Festival! (Who would have thought this could be cause for celebration??) Love Lace is being facilitated by the Powerhouse Museum, and has attracted artists from around the globe. 130 Lace works will be displayed around and above Sydney in July this year, bringing all nanna lace makers out from behind their…. lace making things??? (I have no idea how you make lace…)  Check out the info here.

    But for now – be mesmerised by Janet’s gob smackingly stunning work.

    [All images via Janet Echelman. Final two images via Flickr].

  • 5 Responses to “Lacey Bits and Pieces | Guest Post by Textile and Terrain.”

    1. Lauren says:

      Wow, I never thought lace could be so big! These works are simply stunning, thank you for sharing. Loving the guests posts btw!

    2. Catalina says:

      Lace Heaven. Amazing work.

    3. ShaynnaB says:

      Stunning work – never seen anything like it. Are they short term installations or long term. Great work!

    4. My head is spinning… They are really cool!

      They remind me of giant jelly fish. Can you imagine walking around the corner, plugged into your iPod to be confronted by one of those. You would think that War of the Worlds had begun!

    5. [...] glowing gorgeousness hanging near Town Hall recently, it was an installation, Tsunami 1.26, by Janet Echelman, for Art & About. Watch the time lapse video above, to get a sense of its construction. HF. [...]

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