• Karl Lagerfeld Photographs Iconic Furniture From Cassina.

    Posted on 13th March, by Dana Tomić Hughes in photography, product design, set design + styling. 6 Comments

    Karl Lagerfeld Photography for Cassina.

    Karl Lagerfeld Photography for Cassina.

    Karl Lagerfeld Photography for Cassina.


    Are you guys ready for a massive dose of amazeballs today? Karl Lagerfeld and Cassina are in da house – Make some noise (if you’re with me)! Woop!

    Needless to say, I nearly fell of my chair when I saw this collaboration between Karl and Cassina. This project was Lagerfeld‘s first ever collaboration with a furniture brand. He was commissioned to photograph a selection of furniture from Cassina’s iconic collections. When placed under the sharp eye of Karl Lagerfeld, the furniture takes on new and mysterious qualities.


    Karl Lagerfeld Photography for Cassina.

    Karl Lagerfeld Photography for Cassina.

    Karl Lagerfeld Photography for Cassina.

    Karl Lagerfeld Photography for Cassina.

    “As I enter the room I have less than a second to find graphic composition. Making the object stand out, both mysterious and unusual whilst remaining a piece of furniture.” - Karl Lagerfeld

    Karl Lagerfeld backstage in his studio.

    Karl Lagerfeld Photography for Cassina.


    These photos are currently on display at the Cassina Showroom in Paris. The partnership will be extended during Milan Design Week 2013 at Cassina’s historical showroom on Via Durini.

    Check out the fantastic backstage video below showing Karl in action in his iconic studio. Be still my beating heart.



    P.S. Some further reading for you -

    + Our photos of the Cassina showroom in Paris last year during Paris Design Week (scroll to the middle of the post).
    + Yours truly (cross)dressed as Karl (here and here) for a friend’s birthday last year. The theme was superhero dress-up and I went as, you guessed it – Super Karl. Hilarious! Or so I thought…

    [Images courtesy of Cassina. Photography by Karl Lagerfeld. Backstage photo by Olivier Saillant.]

  • 6 Responses to “Karl Lagerfeld Photographs Iconic Furniture From Cassina.”

    1. Stunning photos! I especially love the zigzag chairs. Jane

    2. good photos but the impact of the marketing is much higher

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