• Jacob Hashimoto.

    Posted on 24th February, by Dana Tomić Hughes in art, installations. 6 Comments

    “Superabundant Atmosphere” at Rice University Art Gallery, 2005.


    “Jacob Hashimoto V” at Studio La Città, 2008-2009.


    Today I would like to sing praises and throw the yellowtrace spotlight on Jacob Hashimoto. Jacob is contemporary artist born in Greeley, Colorado in 1973, who currently lives and works in New York. Drawing on his Japanese heritage and the tradition of kite-making, Hashimoto creates three-dimensional structures made out of thousands of miniature ‘kites’, constructed from bamboo-stiffened rice paper suspended with nylon fishing line.


    “Silence Still Governs Our Consciousness” at Macro Rome Contemporary Art Museum, 2010.


    “Superabundant Atmosphere” at Palazzo Fortuny: In-Finitum, Venice. 2009.



    Jacob is a magician who has an amazing ability to arrange complex cascading shapes reminiscent of white paper clouds and frozen waterfalls. He also creates incredible wall pieces which are neither sculptures nor paintings. These incredible colourful compositions delicately float before the eye, mounted on an intricate network of interlaced thread like gravity defying paper tapestries.


    Selection of wall hangings by Jacob Hashimoto.


    I am so deeply moved by Jacob’s work that I am having trouble putting it in words. I mean, imagine… really IMAGINE standing underneath or within one of these mesmerising installations in real life. His work communicates a deep and profound stillness and weightlessness, an extreme and delicate beauty which would make me feel too scared to breathe. Even through my computer screen, I get a warm feeling that ripples through my entire body and echos in my heart. I think that’s what being inspired feels like, no?

    Anyway, very sorry to expose you to so much beauty and inspiration at once. This really shouldn’t be allowed, particularly as it is so close to the weekend. Can you forgive me? I do hope so.

    x dana

    Examples of acrylic paintings on linen by the multitalented Jacob Hashimoto.

    [Images courtesy of Jacob Hashimoto.]

  • 6 Responses to “Jacob Hashimoto.”

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    2. Sierra says:

      Stunning work, what a great find!

    3. Kate says:

      They’re ethereal!
      Wow, would love to experience them in person – if they’re so beautiful on computer they must be incredible in real life.

    4. Milo Simon says:

      Just brilliant!

    5. Justine says:

      Jacob’s work is incredible and completely breathtaking. Thanks for this beautiful post Dana. x

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