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    01 | Delfin Postigo House | Madrid, Spain. 02 | Crusch Alba Loft by Gus Wustemann | Barcelona, Spain. 03 | Home 07 Apartment by i29 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 04 | Ceramic House by Hector Ruiz Velazquez | Madrid, Spain. 05 | GT House by Studio Guilherme Torres | Londrina, Brazil. 06 | Ina &  Matt | Dutch Design Studio. 07 | Paris Apartment. 08 | Collector’s Loft | Poteet Architects. 09 | Art Collector’s Loft by Unstudio | New York City.


    10 | Mak Bistro by Designfocus| Budapest, Hungary. 11 | Jamie’s Italian by Blacksheep | London. 12Curiosity Studio | Gwenaël Nicolas. 13 | McNally Jackson Books by Front Studio | New York. 14 | Lazaro Rosa Violan Studio | Barcelona, Spain. 15Elding Oscarson | Sweden. 16 | Host Agency by WHO Design | Sydney. 17 | Candy Black | UK. 18 | Parliament | Portland.

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    1. Oh, come on! There should be limit to how much gorgeousness you can put on ONE PAGE – I can barely take it all in! Images 1, 13 & 15 have put me into a design inspired coma; I may never recover…

      p.s. you Australian bloggers have it all going on – Table Tonic, Diversion Project, Oeke Design etc. << And that's just 3/4 of my favourites.

    2. hogarismo says:

      I can barely take it all in! Images 1, 13 & 15 have put me into a design inspired coma

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