OH MAH LAWD! I gasped when I first laid eyes on these images. Looks like a magical and captivating experience, no? So, what is it? Well… it’s an interactive sculpture made from 6,000 lightbulbs – 1,000 functioning and 5,000 burnt-out bulbs donated by the public. Titled CLOUD, the installation was created by Canadian artist Caitlind Brown for a late night art festival, Nuit Blanche in Calgary. The viewers were able to turn on the 1,000 functioning bulbs by pulling on metal chains that were attached to them, causing a giant sparking and flickering effect. Ahhhh, so wonderful. Just look at all the happy faces.

In fact, since we aren’t able to experience the charm of this installation in person, watching this short video will be the closest thing. Now, that’s what I call a late-night party! Somebody pass the drinks!



[Images courtesy of CLOUD, lori.janeJames Tworow, and posilucky, via inspir3d.net]

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