• Illusion | Hareide Design for Northern Lighting.

    Posted on 21st February, by Dana Tomić Hughes in product design. 3 Comments


    I know what you’re thinking – is this a lamp or is it a side table? Well it’s actually both! Designed by Sweden/ Norway based studio Hareide Designin collaboration with Northern Lighting, ‘Illusion’ is an object which hovers above the ground, challenging our perceptions of gravity (sounds a little bit like what I was trying to do on the dance floor on Saturday night. Ummmm yeah, but enough about that.)

    The light hangs suspended from the ceiling and it’s also anchored to the floor by a weight, transforming the lamp base into a side table suitable for lightweight objects.




    ‘Illusion’ was recently on show at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

    [Top and bottom image © Tom Gustavsen. Middle image © Damian Heinisch & Simen Skyer.]

  • 3 Responses to “Illusion | Hareide Design for Northern Lighting.”

    1. This is too delightful. Although I do wonder what would happen if someone tripped over the fine wire???

      Silly me, shouldn’t let a little practical thing like that get in the way of fab design!

    2. yellowtrace says:

      Ah Viginia, I must admit that I thought exactly the same thing!! Imagine what would happen to that glass of wine in the second picture if someone tripped over the cable… Still, I couldn’t resist such a lovely little piece. Call me shallow.

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