Regular and long standing readers of this blog may recall my post about Painted People by Alexa Meade almost two years ago in which I reckoned I died from the awesomeness of Alexa’s work. Anyway, turns out I lived just so I could bring you an update on what this young lady’s been up to in the last couple of years.

Alexa recently collaborated with performance artist Sheila Vand on “Milk: what will you make of me?”, a series of portraits which Alexa painted directly on Sheila’s body while she was submerged in a pool of milk. Unbelievable! Below are a few images from behind-the-scenes which show how some of the pieces were created. Limited edition photographic prints are also available – visit their website for more info on how to purchase.



[Images courtesy of Alexa Meade and Sheila Vand.]

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