Top marks for those who remember me blogging about a brilliant limited edition cabinet (“Pixel”) by Portuguese company Boca do Lobo, which was one of the standout pieces for me in Milan this year (see the post in which I featured the said cabinet right here).

Clearly these guys follow their blogs and social media streams (or simply use google alerts), as I received an e-mail from Boca do Lobo‘s Design Director last week introducing me to their latest limited edition piece called “Heritage”. This highly coveted piece is clad with hand painted tiles “like that of an expertly curate art collection”. The cabinet is inspired by Portugal’s rich heritage and “each tile has a tale to tell… what lies behind the doors – only time can tell.”

The combination of these amazing tiles, polished brass plinth and glimpses of the golden interior make my heart race faster as though I had just walked up a long, relentless hill. Except I’m not puffing or anything. That would be just weird.

[Images courtesy of Boca do Lobo.]

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