We all know by now that Fearon Hay Architects are pretty hot. As in, major levels of extreme hotness come out of their Auckland studio. Consistently. It’s exhausting. I’ve been keeping a close eye on their equally hot website, and I felt super excited when I recently discovered their latest project which I am sharing with you today. This beautiful interior was designed for a fabric importer and it’s situated in a 1960’s warehouse in Auckland.



Let’s face it – this project is all about the beutifully detailed rosewood-edged glass blades and pivot doors. They are absolutely stunning in their proportion, detailing and refinement. Without these panels, this interior’s got nothin’! And I mean that in the nicest possible way. This project is yet another proof that a single element, no matter how simple or small, can create magic when executed with commitment and conviction. In other words – there is absolutely no reason to cram a space with a million different ideas and gestures. Ok, sure – at times this approach can also work, but sometimes all the space really needs is less.

Well played Fearon Hay. Well played.


[Images courtesy of Fearon Hay. Photography by Jackie Meiring.]

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  1. Ben

    This is awesome. I just love all the things you find and share with us. Thank you.
    Ps. Also love the updated rotating images on the front page of the blog. Hot!


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