• Embroidered X-rays by Matthew Cox.

    Posted on 22nd February, by Dana Tomić Hughes in art. 1 Comment

    ‘Necklace with Bouquet.’

    ‘Bracelets and Limes.’

    ‘Wading Knees.’

    ‘New Knee with Tulips.’

    ‘Wrapped Wrist.’



    ‘Heartthrob #2, David Bowie.’


    Matthew Cox is a Philadelphia based artist who embraces and joins a variety of media in his work. His medical x-ray and embroidery series is just soooo… oh, I don’t know… bizarre, bad-ass and pretty amazing all at once.

    The contrast of decorative and technical, labour-intensive and instant comes together so beautifully, and I love the way Matthew’s touch makes lifeless x-rays literally come to life. Clever. And a little bit crazy. But mostly really clever.

    [Images © Matthew Cox.]

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    1. These are the most amazing embroidery images we have seen. Incredible.

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