• Dinesen | Wood Floors.

    Posted on 19th November, by Dana Tomić Hughes in interior design, product design. 16 Comments


    Oh baby… These super wide timber boards have my heart racing at a dangerous pace. Does that make me a bit of a timber floor nerd? Probably. Lock me up – I’m guilty as charged!

    Dinesen is a Danish company (of course!) which creates these stunning and very special douglas fir and oak floors using raw timer from the best European forests. Originally used for castles, manors and churches in the late 1800′s, Dinesen floors become favourite amongst architects and designers around the world, and it’s not difficult to see why. Each plank floor is unique and custom-made for the specific room in which it is laid. Douglas fir boards are available up to 450mm wide and up to 15 meters long. Holy smokes! I think I need to sit down… Oh. This is awkward. I’m already sitting down. Maybe I should lie down then… Ah crap, I can’t lie down cause it makes it very difficult to type…

    So, where were we? Yes. The floors. They are incredibly beautiful, aren’t they? Pristine, calm and luxurious, in perfect shades of barely-there ashy timber colours.

    And how about all these deliciously hot interiors from their website? This is serious stuff people.

    Le sigh.


  • 16 Responses to “Dinesen | Wood Floors.”

    1. Kirsty Pryer says:

      I want! If only!

    2. Clara says:

      OH I love these! I got the brochure sent to me and I almost died looking though it! The super wide boards are so beautiful. Ahhhh would love to have them in my house next time :D

    3. Theresa C says:


    4. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by yellowtrace, Dana Hughes. Dana Hughes said: Seriously beautiful timber floors by Dinesen. And a whole lotta interiors p*rn! http://bit.ly/crvrfl [...]

    5. Edwin says:

      Speechless… Speechless….Speechless…
      [Just the "wide" bit already caught my heart, let alone the "white"...]

      Elsa: “Ed, could you close you mouth when you’re looking at those ID images? Please!!!….”

    6. Heavenly , i can here the angels…..

    7. Miriam says:

      Must resist overwhelming urge to rush out and buy a cello (which I can’t play) to lean against a full wall window (which I don’t have)

    8. lauren wood says:

      have you seen the saatchi gallery? they have huge lengths of the dinesen floors. subtle impact.

    9. petarmark says:


      Thanks For Sharing suggestion of timber floors.

      I give more suggestion on this topic .


    10. John Marles and Lyn Sanderson says:

      We have Dinesen floors in our Melbourne apartment, 9 mtrs long x 350 ml Douglas Oak, with lye and soap finish. It was an easy project to order and ship them from Denmark, Dinesen are incredibly professional and helpful. Installation was not too hard, finishing tricky because we didn’t know what we were doing. Now we do, and it’s a doodle. Happy to pass on info if needed.

      • margot says:

        Hi John and Lyn above! Would love info on finishing with soap and lye….. cheers, Margot

      • Josie says:

        I am in the process of renovating and have Dinesen floorboards ordered.
        Would really appreciate a contact name/no. of who can lay such floorboards.

    11. Josie says:

      Message to John Marles and Lyn Sanderson
      I am in the process of renovating and have Dinesen floorboards ordered.
      Would really appreciate a contact name/no. of who can lay such floorboards.

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