• Design Free Thursday | Yarn Bombing {aka Graffiti Knitting}.

    Posted on 26th August, by Dana Tomić Hughes in art, random fun. 6 Comments

    Yarn Bombing, also known as Graffiti/ Guerilla/ Urban Knitting is a schizophrenic love child of Banksy and Martha Stewart. Ok, so I made that up. But if those two were to have a love child, I have no doubt he or she would be into graffiti knitting. Am I right or what?

    Turns out there are a number of blogs and books out there by rogue knitters who want to improve our urban landscape one stitch at a time. I even found a book written by Mandy Moore and Leanne Prain called Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti. I’m sure there are more if I bothered to look a bit harder.

    Anyway, the point is – how super awesome does it look? Almost good enough to make me want to get crafty. Note, I said ‘almost’.

    But hey, who knows. One day I might decide to give badass-nana-crochet-street-art a go.


    Some of you may recognise this image from one of my posts back in June. This bad boy is a 42sqm knitted backdrop for the music stage at The Finders Keepers by Sydney based Reef Knot. Oh yeah, Sydney knows how to do badass knitting too baby! These guys were also involved with the ‘I Heart Kings Cross’ major public art project which was totally awesome.  


    This is technically cheating, but I don’t care cause I think it’s pretty funny and {almost} appropriate. This photos is from Sibling - a bold, progressive men’s knitwear label from UK, launched on May ’08 and born out of a desire to give knitwear for men a kick. And that it does! 


    Whoa! This lady takes it to a whole new level. Visual ecstasy of amazing color and pattern by artist Sarah Happlebaum. Insane or what?! Is that a knitted gimp mask I see? She’s completely bonkers. Love.


    {images via here, herehere}

  • 6 Responses to “Design Free Thursday | Yarn Bombing {aka Graffiti Knitting}.”

    1. Jen says:

      Love it! I did a blog on this recently too… Such a good reason to ‘almost’ consider getting crafty. Jen x

    2. [...] More Graffiti/Guerilla/Urban Knitting can be found here. [...]

    3. samantha says:

      I love all this so unique and great… lots of talent.

    4. Jynx Stevens says:

      Love it! Have seen the bus before, but not the others. have been looking for a group to join in the Dallas area. No luck. the tree must have been a real challenge? Got to Love the gas station…..

    5. [...] There’s also various other knitted masks I’ve seen passed around online in a viral meme way, like Snow Fooling by Meg Swanson in Threads magazine, issue #39, ski masks in McCall’s from 1965, or things like Yarnbombing. [...]

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