I am loving these sculpted portraits of famous people created by photographer Philip Karlberg for Plaza Magazine. Mr Karlberg used approximately 1200 carefully arranged wooden pins and clever lighting to recreate faces of “classic wearers of sunglasses”. Scuplting and shooting took 6 days for the 6 faces.

Now, I must admit I am having trouble identifying all the wearers. I (think) can make out Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour, Johnny Depp and Lady Gaga. Do you know who the other two are?

[via HUH.]


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  1. Sophie

    Jack Nicholson in the ray bans! And isn’t that Jackie O second one down?

  2. kate

    not Anna Wintour, Jackie O, I think. And Quentin Tarantino. The last one’s the killer though.

  3. Gill

    Maybe Jacqueline Kennedy is the second and Elvis on the end??? Fantastic portraits either way.

  4. Sam Ali

    Karl Lagerfeld
    Jackie O
    Jenny Depp
    Lady Gaga
    Jack Nicholson

  5. Karryn Dargie

    I’m seeing The King at the end. Just wondering if I am hearing ‘Hard Headed Woman’ or ‘Stuck on You’ or maybe ‘Wooden Heart’.

  6. Ana

    Little trick here guys, if you go to the website and click on the pictures you can see the name of the famous person!




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