“Mimicry” is a quirky little series of images by Dutch photography duo Maurits Giesen and Ilse Leenders of GiesenLeenders. Each colourful scene captures two matching characters perfectly camouflaged in their environment. I just can’t help but wonder who these dudes are meant to be, or what they are supposedly doing – are they detectives, smooth criminals, performance artist without a cause, etc. Anyway, without trying to get all super analytical and intelligent about it, I find there is a real feel-good element in each of these images. They are beautifully put together, a joy to look at and they make me smile, and sometimes that’s all a girl can ask for, you know…

Mimicry was published in Eyemazing issue #2, 2004.



[Images courtesy of GiesenLeenders. Discovered via booooooom.]

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