Hello vinyl head via This Is Awesome.


I have a confession to make – I love Lionel Ritchie. As cheesy at it might be, his music makes me super happy. With so many chart topping hits and that awesome head of hair, Lionel Ritchie has become a bit of a symbol of cultural kitsch. I’ve noticed all manner of things popping up around the internet inspired by his mega-hit Hello. I think they are just what the doctor ordered for our Thursday segment dedicated to all things random and fun.

Juvenile yet hilarious!


Hello poster via Flickr.

Hello teapot via Etsy.

Hello cheese platter via Etsy.


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  1. Ezabelle

    Haha, super! “Hello? Is it Brie you’re looking for”. I’m going to start buying Brie so I can use that one. xx


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