• Design Free Thursday // Errors In Production.

    Posted on 22nd November, by Dana Tomić Hughes in random fun. 6 Comments


    How many times have you opened a packet of biscuits and found a random dud which didn’t have a filling…? Or you read a label which was misprinted or not cut properly? Ok, these are pretty lame examples but surely every once in a while you would’ve spotted something dodgy about a product, no? Every time this happens to me, I get such a kick out of it. It’s almost as fun as finding a four leaf clover. Almost. Except I’ve never found a four leaf clover.

    Anyway! Back to dodgy products. Heike Bollig runs a kooky little site called Errors in Production, where she collects a variety of products with manufacturing errors. Looking through her collection definitely made me chuckle.


    “Although I actively seek these objects, I mostly come across them accidentally or friends and salesclerks pass them on to me. In the attempt to further develop the collection and to keep it alive, I would be grateful for your support.” Heike Bollig

    So there you have it. Next time you spot something faulty worth sharing, why not get in touch with Hekie.


    [Images courtesy of Errors in Production, via Muse & Maker.]

  • 6 Responses to “Design Free Thursday // Errors In Production.”

    1. That’s seriously an awesome idea! I’ll never look at such products the same way anymore!

    2. Carly says:

      What is wrong with the toilet paper/paper towel?

    3. Tobias says:

      What’s wrong with the dice?

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