Oh my, I think I’m in love!  Would you please just have a look at this house in Madrid? It belongs to David Delfin (fashion designer) and Gorka Posigo (architect turned photographer – check out his website AKAestudio).

It is so extremely rare for me to see a home which makes me want to abandon our great apartment and move in immediately. And not only that – this house also makes me suffer extreme design envy! It’s been a while since I’ve seen a home with such unique qualities in both the design and the aesthetics. It is the epitome of cool, sexy and individual and I wish I could say – yeah, that’s one of my projects… in fact – I live here… Why don’t you come over for a drink…

Alas, until such time when I can invite you over, we can all feast our eyes on these fantastic images.



There’s no denying that this place and the owners’ art selection is not for the faint hearted. Just have a look at the piece to the right of the bed in the image above. Kapau! Not to mention the rope hanging above the bed… Ummm, I wander what that’s for?

And whether you perceive it as offensive or not, it is quite clear that the owners are really comfortable with who they are and how they like to live, and they make no apologies for it.

I applaud them.


[Images via Yatzer. Photos by Manolo Yllera.]

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  1. Ezza

    The sky-high ceilings are amazing- makes for an amazing canvas to work from.

    I love the way they have used the most minimal amount of colour and materials to get this clean/sharp look thats really warm and paired back. Its really well edited. Very timeless.

    Are they lolly dispensers that they have lined up on the ledge. Very clever and quirky styling- definitely some rainbow styling..haha


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