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    Design Masterclass & Interview With The One And Only PATRICIA URQUIOLA!

    21st November

    I had the great privilege of being invited to attend Patricia Urquiola’s exclusive master class earlier this week, as part of Space Furniture’s 20th birthday celebrations. The three hour design ‘workshop’ explored ideas through the hands-on making, based on the way Patricia’s own studio works in Milan. The class was a bit like play-school for grown-up designers – colourful, exploratory and times almost silly, but so friggin fun and liberating. In truth, most of us who were there would have been happy digging trenches if it meant spending some time alongside one of the world’s brightest design stars. There are simply no words to describe how extraordinary this woman is. I bow to her, respect and admire her to the moon and back, with intensity only those closest to me can comprehend. Despite her worldwide superstardom, I am happy to report that Patricia is as humble, grounded, real and generous in person, just like one would expect from her work. After the workshop, I was extremely lucky to have Patricia all to myself for my first ever one-on-one, proper grown-up “real life” interview…

    Interview // Nicholas Gurney.

    11th September

    Nicholas Gurney is an exciting young Australian designer on the rise who established his design studio in 2012 focusing on small-scale, modest projects. Since then, he has developed an impressive body of work, particularly for someone so young who also works solo. The hallmark of his work is good quality design at low cost. Look, guys – I know we all love a client with a juicy phat budget, but the reality is that most people aren’t able to afford high-spec products and projects. Does this mean they shouldn’t be allowed to have access to great design? Absolutely frigging NOT! This is why Mr Gurney is a little legend in my eyes, and definitely the one to watch…

    Little Trace Of // Yoram Roth.

    28th August

    Berlin based fine art photographer, Yoram Roth, takes a strong conceptual approach with his multilayered and visually arresting work. His style extends beyond the fleeting nature of spontaneous snapshots – his images require conscious planning, conceptual development and careful orchestration of a number of elements that play a significant role in his image making…

    Little Trace Of // Emma Coulter.

    31st July

    I remember the first time Emma Coulter sent me an email in 2011 about her upcoming solo show. She referred to it as her “make or break moment”. I was about to fly out for my annual design pilgrimage to Milan and unable to help her. As it turns out, the show signaled a significant turning point for this dedicated artist. Since then, Coulter has gone from strength to strength, seizing every opportunity and securing a series of subsequent exhibitions, including an artist residency in Berlin. For my money, her art practice has evolved, blossomed and reached new heights in the last couple of years. There is a definite sense of composure and new-found confidence in all of her pieces. At the same time, her work pulsates with energy, vitality and sheer joy created with her signature upbeat colour palette…

    Interview // George Livissianis.

    3rd July

    Talented Sydney interior designer, George Livissianis, is no new-kid-on-the-local-design-scene. Although some of his projects have deservedly taken out a number of design awards in the last two years, I still feel like his work hasn’t been publicised and celebrated as much as it deserves to be. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Mr Livissianis appears to be the kind of man who’s more dedicated to his craft, rather than the art of self-promotion. You see, even his website doesn’t contain any images of his beautiful work. Whassup wit dat? But not to worry, we are here today to fix this…

    Little Trace Of // Sydney Hairdresser Leonard Mattis.

    19th June

    Today’s story is a slight deviation from our usual design-paved path, although I like to think of it as a related and relevant tangent. Leonard Mattis is a London-born, Sydney-based hairdresser and owner of his eponymous Surry Hills studio. Last year, Mattis celebrated 10 years in business, which saw him expand the premises to create a multi-purpose site that provides a rare fusion of local art and high-end styling. Whilst still functioning as a working salon, Leonard’s studio has become a sought after exhibition space by emerging talent, seeking to showcase their work outside of traditional gallery display…

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