Ok, can I just say wow. And I mean WOW!!

I’m kind of speechless here actually. This project completely blew me away. In fact I’ve been looking at it for over a week before I got around to blogging about it. I just had to savour it for a little bit.

I can’t even begin to explain how much this setting reminds me of my childhood and houses where my grandparents and my uncles, aunties and cousins used to live, and some of them still do. It makes me feel all emotional and crazy nostalgic in fact. To see this ultra sharp, modern architectural pavilion married to a traditional rural setting is simply mind blowing to me. It’s as though a UFO has landed, and I’m waiting for E.T. to come out and play. And at the same time it just works so, so well.

Extreme love to the power of ten.

Oh yeah, this project is by Propeller Z architects from Vienna. More images here.

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