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Apparatus Studio Highwire Tandem | Yellowtrace

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Holy guacamole! Apparatus Studio‘s lighting is absolutely ridiculous. As in ridiculously amazing. If I may paraphrase someone dear to my heart – “give me brass, black and white and I’ll drop my pants any-day”. My sentiments exactly! Here, aged brass, hand-etched glass, leather, porcelain and found objects are combined to an extraordinary effect. There’s a beautiful warm glow about these lights reserved only for the meticulously crafted hand-made objects. Handsome style and careful design create that elusive sense of balance between vintage and contemporary aesthetic.


Apparatus Studio Triad Porcelain | Yellowtrace

Apparatus Lighting | Yellowtrace

Apparatus Studio Cloud | Yellowtrace

Gabriel Hedifar and Jeremy Anderson | Yellowtrace


Making these exquisite lights are Gabriel Hedifar and his partner Jeremy Anderson. Gabriel is a creative director, while Jeremy oversees production. Together they make magic happen. Each individual piece is assembled by hand in the Apparatus Studio. Raw brass components are meticulously finished to reveal layers of hidden beauty. Moulded and blown glass components are etched and painted to achieve the “perfect imperfect”, while retaining the sense of play that first inspired them.

Please excuse me while I go pick up my jaw off the floor.


[Images courtesy of Apparatus Studio.]


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