Man oh man, where do I start today? There is so much to love about this beautiful home. It is warm, inviting, uncomplicated, relaxed and full of character. It will come as no surprise that this place was designed by the one and only, my personal design hero Paola Navone, for hotelier Andrea Falkner Campi. In true Navone fashion, this interior oozes style and sophistication, without taking itself too seriously – the overall vibe is playful, natural and vibrant, boasting a monochromatic palette which embraces rustic textures of the original heritage fabric.

I would particularly like to draw your attention to the flooring treatment in the dining area (top two images). Hexagonal floor tiles melt into timber boards, creating a playful jagged edge where the two materials meet. This is such a wonderful effect and a real celebration of the two materials which are never usually allowed to mingle and play this way.

In case you’ve only joined us recently, or you are feeling particularly click-happy today, I highly recommend (re)visiting Navone’s own apartment in Paris – it’s the stuff designer wet dreams are made of. There’s simply no other way to describe it.


[Images from Italian Elle Decor, via Vosgesparis.]

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  1. Lauren

    I’m just loving hexoganal tiles and have a stack of samples on my desk I’m desperate to specify. And I’m loving those patterned floor tiles in the bathroom. These kind of finishes are so hard to find in Melbourne! Perhaps showing these images will help the clients get on board- Thanks!

  2. Ben

    Amazing. But what makes it even better is the way you write about it. I love your passion for design and your sharp eye for beautiful things Dana.


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