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Yellowtrace regularly produces content that’s sponsored or created in partnership with other brands. Yellowtrace Promotions are different from our other content as we are usually paid for producing this content or receives something of equivalent value from the partner in lieu of payment.

While Yellowtrace retains full editorial control of all promotional content, our partner usually sees a preview and approves the content before it is published. This allows us to ensure the content is relevant to our audience and aligned with our editorial standards.

All promotional content on Yellowtrace is clearly labelled. Below are some examples of the promotions we regularly create.


Editorial Promotions: Paid-for articles written by Yellowtrace to promote a particular brand, product, event, initiative or service.

Product, People, Brands: A dedicated space where brands can pay to launch new products and collections, showcase their designers, projects, events and services via short and sharp editorial.

Social Media Promotions: These can either complement paid-for editorial promotions by extending the reach of content beyond the website and EDMs, or be produced as standalone activities tailored specifically to our social media channels.

Giveaways & Competitions: We run giveaways providing readers with the chance to win a prize, with winners selected at random. The competition is usually paid for by the participating brand and can be promoted via our website, EDMs, social channels or any combination of the three. See an example here.

Branded Videos: We produce beautiful and intelligent, paid-for branded videos for clients, which are published in articles on Yellowtrace and/ or on our social media channels. Some examples can be seen here and here.

Talks & Events: We partner with brands to host paid-for talks, events and panel discussions, both IRL, online or as a hybrid. We can also film and broadcast these on Yellowtrace and on our social media channels. Some examples of past events and talks can be seen here and here.

Partnerships: This is our sweet spot! We work with partners to co-create content or conceptualise a campaign from scratch. Partnerships usually comprise one or more of the different paid-for content types listed above, often as a series, but they can also be completely bespoke, such as a one-off commission, initiative or event.

You can see examples of our partnerships here, here and here.


Interested in partnering with Yellowtrace to promote your company, product, service or event directly to our audience? We take great pride in creating exceptionally relevant, highly visible and engaging editorial promotions and partnerships with unparalleled cut-through, ensuring a seamless fit that maintains the utmost relevance to our audience.

Please get in touch for more details and pricing.


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