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    Design Free Thursday – Random Fun & Games | 2013 Archive.

    9th January

    01 | Before They Pass Away by Jimmy Nelson. 02 | Idols by Hamra Abbas. 03 | Bill Gekas’ Portraits of His Daughter in the Style of Dutch Master Paintings. 04 | Bloom Day Scans Flower Art by Craig Cramer. 05 | Nurture Studies by Diana Scherert 06 | Modern Day Totems by Omar Sosa. 07 | X-Ray Photography by Nick Veasey. 08 | Cinematic Self Portraits by Anja Niemi. 09 | Polaroid Portrait Mosaics by Maurizio Galimberti.

    Fashion Photography vs Amazing Interiors—Models on Stairs.

    1st November

    Well it’s been at least 6 months since the last post, and I thought it was only fair we made another trip to that wonderfully delicious, visually arresting place where Fashion Photography makes sweet passionate love with Amazing Interiors. You with me? Hope so, cause you kinda have no choice – I’m totally doing it baby! Today I wanted to look at some images of hot models (is there any other kind?) using all kinds of fantastical stairs as props. I don’t know about you, but I love a good lookin’ stair, as much as I love checking out gorgeous clothes, and shit hot fashion photography. This perfect trifecta makes me go all giggly, drooly and week at the knees…

    So Hot Right Now // Marble Madness: Part 01.

    6th September

    Marble has been enjoying a moment in the high-design and fashion spotlight for a little while now. Designers across the globe have been busy reinventing the way they are using marble – from architecture, interiors, furniture, lighting, art, homewares, clothing to styling. This is not at all surprising, given that nothing is quite as impressive or speaks of sophistication and luxury as eloquently as marble. Here are some of my favourite examples that embrace and channel this precious natural material so beautifully…

    So Hot Right Now // Marble Madness: Part 02.

    6th September

    Part 02 of Marble Madness looks at examples where marble is juxtaposed with other colours or materials giving the stone a fresh new look and a contemporary edge. They also show us that, in some cases, a little bit of marble can go a long way…

    Design Free Thursday // Modern Day Totems by Omar Sosa.

    29th August

    Barcelona-born art director, publisher and graphic designer, Omar Sosa, has a very unique vision and a knack for elevating the mundane to extraordinary. I don’t know about you, but I personally never thought everyday objects like kitchen utensils, bread, sticky tape and bricks could be this photogenic. Nor did I imagine it would be possible to turn them into such witty and sculptural works of art…

    Fashion Photography vs Amazing Interiors—Take 4 // Models on Chairs.

    15th March

    Have you guys noticed that models LURVE draping themselves all over chairs and armchair? True story. As you an see from Exhibit A, these mega babes aren’t afraid to experiment with a bunch of poses from sitting upright to slouching, lying, leaning, standing, draping… in other words – anything goes!

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