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    Three Dimensional Drawings by Monika Grzymala.

    7th May

    Polish artist Monika Grzymala describes her work as three dimensional drawings. She studied sculpture, shifted to drawing and found her place somewhere in between. Rolls of tape are her “pen” of choice and she allows them to dive and ripple in all directions…

    New Horizons Cinema by BUCK.ARCHITEKCI // Wroclaw, Poland.

    25th February

    In 2012, young Polish firm, BUCK.ARCHITEKCI, were commissioned to redesign a three-storey new foyer for one of the largest art house cinemas in Europe – The New Horizons (Kino Nowe Horyzonty) in Wroclaw. In addition to regular film screenings, the cinema foyer also plays host to cultural festivals, exhibitions and educational programs…

    Althaus Restaurant by PB Studio and Filip Kozarski // Gdynia, Poland.

    8th February

    It feels super nice to receive a submission from young designers on the rise, particularly when they hail from countries not widely represented on world design stage. For this reason I feel a little bit excited about today’s post. PB Studio is an architecture and interior design practice run by Hanna Bialic and Jakub Piórkowski based in Sopot, Poland. They recently hooked up with Filip Kozarski and collaborated on today’s featured project – Althaus Restaurant.

    Hotel Mera Brasserie by LOFT Magdalena Adamus // Sopot, Poland.

    21st September

    Hotel Mera Brasserie is located in a seaside town of Sopot in Poland. It was designed by a Polish studio LOFT Magdalena Adamus. What I really like about this place is the way it balances the serious with the casual. It is sharp and carefully put together, yet it remains easy and playful…

    Tamizo Architects.

    6th April

    Tamizo Architects is small group of young and talented designers from Poland who practice across disciplines of architecture, interiors, applied graphics and industrial design. The spaces they create are quity simply stunning. Crisp, minimal, sophisticated, refined and… just flawless. In fact, all these projects seem to be a bit too good to be true. Do you know what I mean? As though they are a scene from a movie, a photo realistic rendering, and not a real life home (well – perhaps they are! And if so, I need a contact for their visualiser dude RIGHT NOW!) Anyway, what I’m saying is that these interiors seem to be a bit too perfect, if there is such a thing. Still, I wouldn’t knock back living in one of these space, especially the first one (it’s the exposed brick walls and old arched windows that do it for me).

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