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    28th December

    01 | Unfinished Portraits by Colin Chillag. 02 | Human Paintings | Alexa Meade & Sheila Vand. 03 | Mark Powell’s Bic Biro Drawings on Vintage Envelopes. 04 | Embroidered X-rays by Matthew Cox. 05 | Digital Art by Andreas Nicolas Fischer. 06 | Neon Art by Daniel A. Bruce. 07 | Mind Bending Installations & Sculptures by Anish Kapoor. 08 | Paper Art by Lisa Rodden. 09 | Tillman Kaiser // The Truth And The Abstract Blues…

    Tillman Kaiser // The Truth And The Abstract Blues.

    28th August

    These super beautiful and elegant wall and floor sculptures by Graz-born Vienna-based Tillman Kaiser are from the artist’s recent solo show titled ‘The Truth And The Abstract Blues’ held at the Wilkinson Gallery in London. I am a huge fan of the multilayered techniques used in some of the pieces – they are such a lovely combination of intricately painted canvas and cardboard, interesting patterns and complex geometries…

    Interview | Suzie Idiens.

    23rd June

    I often get asked about the benefits of writing a design blog, and whether the rewards outweigh the effort and the time that goes into researching and producing original content on a daily basis. It’s a very good question, and the one I ask myself at least once a day. I don’t really know if I have the answer just yet, but one thing I know for sure – being in the position to support and promote emerging talent is a real privilege and something that gives me such a huge kick. So you see, writing this blog is all about me and how good it makes me feel. Ha!

    But enough of playing silly buggers. Today I wish to introduce you to an emerging Sydney based visual artist, Suzie Idiens. Some of you guys will know {of} Suzie. Yes, Australian interior designers, I’m talking to you. On the days when Suzie isn’t creating her deceivingly simple art, she can be found in the beautiful Koskela showroom. Suzie recently made a decision to pursue her lifelong dream of creating art that has patiently been waiting to be “let out”. Armed with her folio and a bag full of enthusiasm, Suzie immersed herself in the events of Art Month Sydney earlier this year, which resulted in her meeting Conny Dietzschold where she currently has her very first show…

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