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    House in Gerês by Graça Correia & Roberto Ragazzi // Portugal.

    12th November

    I first saw this house published quite a while ago but it’s one of those projects that got under my skin, and is probably worth dusting off and looking at afresh. It’s a house in northern Portugal, by Graça Correia & Roberto Ragazzi. Conceived of as a long concrete box jutting thrillingly out over a drop down to the river, the house is a simple concept with terrific structural engineering. This is the sort of house I look at and start mentally arranging my own furniture in…

    Loft by Lissoni Associati // Monza, Italy.

    14th October

    Converted warehouses are a dime a dozen these days, but how’s this for a fascinating case of repurposing? Lissoni Associati have taken an old private theatre and transformed it into a home. Monumental and so strictly restrained, this loft it so majestic it almost seems imaginary…

    Jean Christophe Aumas’ Paris Apartment.

    2nd October

    This apartment speaks volumes of the creative pulse that lives in it. We’re talking about Jean Christophe Aumas, founder of Voici-Voila and creative director to the world’s elite fashion houses. Occupying a 300 year old ex-convent with original parquetry intact, Aumas furnishes his home with beating, energetic soul…

    House of Dust by Antonino Cardillo // Rome, Italy.

    27th September

    Italian architect Antonino Cardillo has designed a House of Dust in Rome based on the geometric ratio of the golden section. This is a courageous project with a fresh aesthetic and a unique vision. It’s the kind of interior that creates new trends, memes and movements. In today’s day and age where we are exposed to the entire world through our computer screens, designers tend to move towards a more unified aesthetic as we are all influencing each other so greatly. This is why it is so important to see projects like this one, that break the mould and bring so much individual character to the table. I realise this aesthetic is not for everyone. It’s not a home I would chose to live in either. Having said this, I know this space will come up in my references next time I am seeing to create something a little less ordinary…

    Luxury Studio Apartment by Rick Joy // Chelsea, USA.

    17th September

    This studio apartment by architect Rick Joy may not be generous in size, but it is certainly not short of grandeur. What the apartment lacks in volume, it makes up for in lush materials, clever detailing and a staunch commitment to good design. Accustomed to designing homes of a more palatial scale, Rick Joy manages to shift from one end of the scale spectrum to the other with little trouble at all. Rather than feeling compromised, each square metre is given an extra potent dose of design attention…

    Element-s // Multidisciplinary Design Agency in Paris.

    24th June

    Element-s is a multidisciplinary design agency in Paris founded by Manuel Bonnemazou & Agnes Cambus. Today I wanted to share a selection of my favourite projects from their portfolio. Their work exudes a certain French elegance, honesty and uncomplicated style. As you know, I am also really partial to seeing beautiful drawings and mood boards, so I’m super excited to share some examples of their work in progress…

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