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    Old Chalet Refurbishment by Bergdorf & Nick Ruef // Bernese Oberland, Switzerland.

    30th April

    Located in Interlaken in Bernese Oberland (Bernese Highlands) in Switzerland, this beautiful 200 year-old farmhouse dates back to early 1800s. In 1890, the property was turned into a country house. This year, the chalet was lovingly refurbished by Swiss design agency Bergdorf in collaboration with Berne-based architect Nick Ruef…

    Guido Hager Apartment by Helenio Barbetta // Berlin, Germany.

    7th December

    Guido Hager is a landscape architect from Berlin. This is his apartment. I don’t mean to be stereotyping people here, but have you noticed that there isn’t a single plant in this interior? Without looking up who lived here, I would’ve never guessed this place belonged to a landscape architect. Do you know what I mean? Hope so. “I only like trees when they’re outside. I don’t feel any need to have them indoors,” says Hager. Fair enough I suppose…

    Valerie Traan by Lens°Ass architecten // Antwerp, Belgium.

    14th September

    Valerie Traan is a gallery and a residence in Antwerp, Belgium. Designed by LENS°ASS architecten, the space is a fine example of heritage renovation that sings the sweetest of design songs. The kind of song which isn’t typecast as any particular genre, but rather a lovely mix of various reference points. Perhaps the fact that the entire space features products by designers and artists that blur the lines between the two disciplines also helps in rendering this interior with it’s own unique personalty…

    Coffeeklatch // Creative Entrepreneurs in Their Homes.

    13th August

    Let’s be honest – there is no shortage of blogs and websites these days that provide us with a window into the world of creative people and their spaces. Just think The Selby or Paul Barbera’s Where They Create to name just a couple of the big ones. Having said this, there will always be room on the internet for good quality sites which feature delicious photography and stories to match. Enter Coffeeklatch. Launched in September 2011, this site is dedicated to “creative chitchat” with inspiring personalities, featuring beautiful and emotive photography by Bart Kiggen and intriguing stories by Magali Elali…

    Middlepark House by CJA + K.P.D.O. // Melbourne.

    7th August

    I was fortunate enough to see the completed house in the flesh and, let me tell you, it took hours to tear myself away. The series of interconnected spaces don’t reveal themselves all at once, meaning the walk through was filled with moments of surprise and discovery. Call me biased but the detailing is immaculate and the multi textured material palette is simply delicious. I’m half tempted to steal the client’s keys and claim it as mine…

    In Between Spaces.

    6th December

    Every time I flick through my bulging collection of design images, I surprise myself with how many images of non-desrcript spaces I seem to collect. You know the spaces I’m talking about – not quite a corridor, nor a vestibule. Not exactly indoor or outdoor. Those transitioning spaces positioned on the way to or in between other more significant spaces. I think they officially call it an ante-space, or the “before” space. Anyway, I guess I never knew I was so interested in them. I wonder why? Maybe because I’m a bit nuts? Please don’t answer that.

    I guess I consider these spaces to be a bit of an underdog. They tend to get forgotten at times although they are just as important as any “hero” space. They form a part of an entire jig-saw puzzle that is a well crafted interior, and can reveal so much about the designer who created them. Just like unexpected stitching on a lady’s handbag or beautiful lining on a gentlemen’s suit, spaces in between are all about attention to detail…

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