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    Faig Ahmed Deconstructs Traditional Azerbajani Rugs to Form Unconventional Sculptures.

    28th May

    Be careful – don’t trip over Faig Ahmed’s three-dimensional rugs as they unravel before your very eyes! This Azerbaijani artist is no stranger to fibre arts – most of his work revolves around the construction and deconstruction of intricately patterned rugs and carpets.

    The Illusions Light by Lenka Czereova.

    29th July

    The Illusions is a collection of interior lights by Lenka Czereova. Designed to appear as though the wall itself is peeling off, the light gently illuminates the surrounding surface. I really love the way such a simple little gesture can shift the perception of an entire room and take it to a whole new level…

    Deborah Bowness Wallpaper.

    3rd October

    Deborah Bowness has been creating the most beautiful wallpapers for nearly ten years. By combining photography with silkscreen techniques, Deborah’s digital and hand printed wallpapers are real works of art…

    Sculpting and Manipulating Space With Light.

    17th September

    Although I am a huge fan of beautiful fittings which capture, cradle and bounce light within interiors, today I wanted to explore a more conceptual side of this medium – the idea of projected light as the means of manipulating space. For this purpose I turned to a handful of artists who celebrate this very idea…

    Design Free Thursday // Cecilia Paredes Disappears Into Paintings.

    26th July

    How nuts is this? Peruvian artist Cecilia Paredes loves messing with our minds and performing disappearing acts in front of our eyes. Acting as both the photographer and the subject with cunning help of her assistants, she creates photo performance based works by blending herself into her own bold and colourful paintings using make-up and body paint…

    Illusion | Hareide Design for Northern Lighting.

    21st February

    I know what you’re thinking – is this a lamp or is it a side table? Well it’s actually both! Designed by Sweden/ Norway based studio Hareide Designin collaboration with Northern Lighting, ‘Illusion’ is an object which hovers above the ground, challenging our perceptions of gravity (sounds a little bit like what I was trying to do on the dance floor on Saturday night. Ummmm yeah, but enough about that.)

    The light hangs suspended from the ceiling and it’s also anchored to the floor by a weight, transforming the lamp base into a side table suitable for lightweight objects…

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