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    ‘Dining by Still Water’ by Joanna Laajisto for Helsinki Design Week.

    21st October

    This year, interior architect Joanna Laajisto was invited to design a private pop up dining space for the Helsinki Design Week. With Finnish luxury being one of the core focuses of the festival, Laajisto explored the idea of luxury in today’s society. After contemplating what luxury meant to her, Laajisto drew inspiration from her childhood memories spent at her family’s cottage by the lake in Finland’s countryside…

    Silo 468 by Lighting Design Collective // Urban Light Art Installation for City of Helsinki.

    1st February

    In 2011, Madrid-based Lighting Design Collective, lead by Tapio Rosenius, won the 1st prize in an international competition to realise a permanent urban light installation in Helsinki – an official project for Helsinki World Design Capital 2012. The designers converted an old oil silo into a mesmerising light display and a civic space. Natural light, wind and reflections of light on surrounding water formed the principles for the lighting concept…

    The Turku Chapels // Finland.

    11th September

    There is something so powerful about essential, elemental space. Not one part more than needed, not one gesture less than necessary. The result presents as a single deft stroke, which conjures visceral and various reactions from the people who experience it.

    In the deep quiet of a forest outside Turku in southern Finland, stand two buildings that do just this. Each is tiny, each is simple, and each is in its own way perfect. They are a pair of chapels built two decades apart, to serve the Turku Cemetery…

    Wall Piece with 200 Letters // Mikko Kuorinki at Kiasma Museum in Helsinki.

    8th August

    Between March 2010 and February 2011, Helsinki based artist Mikko Kuorinki formed one new text on the wall of Kiasma museum each week. Using removable letters and mouldings, Mikko assembled a number of intersting, inspiring, and moving words and quotes by various novelists, philosopher, poets and thinkers. These are some of my favourites…

    Stylist Susanna Vento | Guest Post by The Minimalist.

    9th May

    Leah here again from The Minimalist with my second post. Susanna Vento is my style hero. This Finnish stylist has a signature pure and minimalist eye like no other. Through her work she aims to startle the viewer while offering inspiring tips for their own interior and helping them break free of a boring, uniform homes…

    Garden Shed by Ville Hara and Linda Bergroth.

    4th November

    Oh my goodness. It feels like it takes a lot these days to stop me in my tracks, and this project did just that. I am officially blown away. Just image waking up in a glass bedroom like this, somewhere in the forrest overlooking a lake. I must say I’ve never been much for camping, but this would be a brilliant alternative with all the creature comforts (admittedly without a bathroom – but hey, there’s a whole lake there in case of an emergency…)

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