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    Mesmerising Mirrored Mood // Architecture.

    22nd March

    Mesmerising Mirrored Mood is dedicated to reflective buildings that seamlessly blend into their immediate surroundings. In doing so – they almost disappear, and their boundaries become infinite. Mirrors posses special magical powers. They can dramatically transform a built space, where a building or an interior takes on the characteristics of whatever is around – the space either expands or dissolves, and our experience and perception is shifted…

    Impossible Reality by Elenberg Fraser // 33 MacKenzie Street Residential Tower in Melbourne.

    25th January

    It’s certainly not every day that I come across a multi residential tower that makes me squeal with excitmenet. And by “not every day” I mean – hardly ever. Particularly when we are taking about our beloved country permanently stained by countless examples of poorly designed, uninspiring, plain f*cking ugly residential developments. Pardon the French, but this issue causes profound levels of frustration in me. Alas, we are here to celebrate the good instead of the evil. Needless to say, I was absolutely thrilled to discover the latest residential project by the formidable Melbourne studio Elenberg Fraser…

    Optical Glass House by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP // Hiroshima, Japan.

    14th January

    The Optical Glass House was designed by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP and it was completed in March 2012. Located on a busy residential street in downtown Hiroshima in Japan, the house features a glittering facade of suspended glass blocks that creates privacy and tranquility on the bustling urban street filled with cars and trams…

    UID Architects, Japan.

    27th November

    Hiroshima based UID Architects studio was founded in 2003 by Keisuke Maeda. Clearly an advocate of designing in section and 3D, every project pushes the boundaries of solid and void, inside and outside, public and private. I think this is what happens when architecture and landscape architecture make babies…

    The Re-Birth of Palazzo di Vigonovo (Campiello) // Venice, Italy.

    23rd July

    This project is such a wonderful example of what is possible when history, art, architecture and technology unite to create a single grand gesture. After three full years of renovation, Campiello is given a new lease on life, featuring a magnificent Corten steel facade created by art historian Philippe Daverio and artist Giorgio Milani, overseen by the local architecture firm 3ndy Studio. The intricate pattern of the facade features a meticulously hand drawn pattern by Milani which references the buildings history dating back to 17th century…

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