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    Summerhouse Lagnö by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter // Sweden.

    27th August

    It seems that lovely little extruded houses abound these days. Of late we’ve seen a pared-back postmodern fruitiness combined with lean and linear plans. Familiar vernacular forms sieved through a tight net of disciplined design. Today we’re in Sweden, to look at a superior example of this type, and what could well be my fantasy weekender. Let’s slap on the Norsca and dive right in…

    Bacopari House by UNA Arquitetos // São Paulo, Brazil.

    14th May

    If I had to nominate a favourite typology in domestic architecture (it’s a question we’re all asked most days), it would be the courtyard house. And this one, by São Paulo’s UNA Arquitetos, is a cracker. A good courtyard house does many things at once – holds the edges of a site, opens up a kernel of space in the middle, cradles privacy within, permits views across into other rooms and in so doing enlivens opposite ends of the home. I could go on…

    Refuge by Wim Goes Architectuur // House Extension in Belgium.

    19th February

    In a small town outside of Ghent, lies this interesting little extension by Wim Goes Architectuur. It was completed in 2008, but I think good things deserve a revisit. The building is a living room extension to an existing brick house. It captures many lovely components of the architecture of the region – unitised construction, modest scale, simple form, and water. Wouldn’t you love to sit on the end of this and dip your toes in the pond while someone passes you a waffle?

    Impossible Reality by Elenberg Fraser // 33 MacKenzie Street Residential Tower in Melbourne.

    25th January

    It’s certainly not every day that I come across a multi residential tower that makes me squeal with excitmenet. And by “not every day” I mean – hardly ever. Particularly when we are taking about our beloved country permanently stained by countless examples of poorly designed, uninspiring, plain f*cking ugly residential developments. Pardon the French, but this issue causes profound levels of frustration in me. Alas, we are here to celebrate the good instead of the evil. Needless to say, I was absolutely thrilled to discover the latest residential project by the formidable Melbourne studio Elenberg Fraser…

    Optical Glass House by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP // Hiroshima, Japan.

    14th January

    The Optical Glass House was designed by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP and it was completed in March 2012. Located on a busy residential street in downtown Hiroshima in Japan, the house features a glittering facade of suspended glass blocks that creates privacy and tranquility on the bustling urban street filled with cars and trams…

    Brick House by Clare Cousins // Melbourne.

    2nd October

    Who says you’re not allowed to touch curves until you’re middle aged? This person obviously hasn’t met Clare Cousins. Either that or Clare Cousins has really good genes. This deliciously curvaceous brick house she designed for her own family is stunning both inside and out. A rounded motif is repeated throughout, beginning with the grand gesture of the undulating upper level and revealing itself again in the interior detailing, such as the rounded brick nib walls. There’s control in the use of curved geometry and it never risks being gimmicky…

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