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    London Design Festival 2011 | Part 01.

    4th October

    Hello y’all! We are super duper lucky to have a review of the recent London Design Festival by a dude who is now becoming our [unofficially] official first ever international correspondent – give it up for Mister… Maaaaaark Leeeeeeib!! [***insert sound of crowd going nuts here***] Some of you will recall Mark’s review of last year’s London Festival in Part 01 and Part 02 series. Mr Leib (or Libeskind as I like to call him) is an old colleague and a friend who creates magic as a senior designer at the fabulous Blacksheep studio in London. I featured some of their clever handi-work in this post. Huge thanks to Mark for his brilliant photos and for his effort to bring us this fantastic report despite his many deadlines. Everyone together now – We love your work, Mark…

    Bisazza, InterfaceFLOR, Established & Sons, Cassina, Cappellini, Poltrona Frau | Milan 2011.

    30th May

    Good morning yellowtrace friends and happy new week to you all. Now, now… You guys didn’t think I was finished with the Milan report for the year, did you? No way man! I have lots more stuff to show you. Well actually, I don’t. There’s only a little bit left to go, but I am determined to share with you (almost) everything I saw. So good of me, right? Right.

    Today is a bit of a mixed bag of the things I saw and places I visited in various areas on different days throughout the week, which I had trouble grouping with other posts. So that’s how they get their own separate day. Enjoy!

    London Design Festival 2010 | Part 01.

    5th October

    Hello all! I’m very excited to share this review of the recent London Design Festival by a fellow designer and a dear friend of mine, Mark Leib. You may also recall Mark as my ‘partner in crime’ from some of my earlierpost. Mark is a very talented interior designer who currently lives in London – he is an Associate at the very fabulous design studio Blacksheep. Huge thanks to Mark for taking all these fantastic photos and for putting together this epic report which I will share with you over two days…

    P.A.R.T.Y. | Milan 2010.

    5th May

    One of the most commonly asked questions that I’ve heard since coming back from Milan was – “How were the parties…? Do you have any photos…?” It seems people are more interested in how much I drank, rather then the installations that I saw. So I figured I better share party photos with you today.

    These are from three VERY different events. Yeah, no shit – I hear you say. The great thing about Milan is that there is something for everyone there, including the parties. You can be the judge of where you would have rather been during the design week…

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