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    Selected Work by 0932 Design Consultants // Singapore.

    24th February

    Singapore based 0932 Design Consultants is an architectural and interior design practice formally founded in twenty eleven. The company founders, Mr Low Chee Khiang and Mr Roystern Goh, continue to personally helm each design project and tailor every experience into unique spaces. We’ve hand picked a selection of the most beautiful interiors that showcase their rigorous design methodology and a process that has been applied to private residences, retail malls, spas, resorts, hotels, serviced apartments and condominium developments throughout Asia.

    Ruyi Dumpling & Wine Bar by Hecker Guthrie // Melbourne.

    19th December

    Ruyi Dumpling & Wine Bar opened its fabulous Hecker Guthrie designed doors earlier this month in Melbourne. The 56 seater restaurant is a union of beautifully presented contemporary Chinese food, exceptional design and modern restaurant culture. Translating literally to ‘as you wish’, the name Ruyi derives from a Chinese heirloom symbolising power and good fortune. In typical Hecker Guthrie style, Ruyi interior is beautifully considered and highly resolved in it’s entirety. For me, the real strength of this project lies in all the special little details…

    Luxury Studio Apartment by Rick Joy // Chelsea, USA.

    17th September

    This studio apartment by architect Rick Joy may not be generous in size, but it is certainly not short of grandeur. What the apartment lacks in volume, it makes up for in lush materials, clever detailing and a staunch commitment to good design. Accustomed to designing homes of a more palatial scale, Rick Joy manages to shift from one end of the scale spectrum to the other with little trouble at all. Rather than feeling compromised, each square metre is given an extra potent dose of design attention…

    ‘Halle A’ Creative Studio by Designliga // Munich, Germany.

    23rd July

    Is it sad that I get soooo friggin’ excited about extremely hot workplace interiors? Please don’t answer that! Even if creative offices aren’t your thing, you cannot possibly tell me this is not one seriously beautiful, beautiful, beautiful studio space. Can you now? Exactly. Cause it’s completely ridiculously awesome. And true beauty and general shit-hotness knows no bounds. And you know it. Baby…

    Belgian Architect Nicolas Schuybroek.

    24th May

    Belgian architect Nicolas Schuybroek established his practice in Brussels 2011. Schuybroek began his career in Montreal, Canada working for INTEGRAL Jean Beaudoin. Most recently, he spent five years working as a project director for Vincent Van Duysen in Antwerp, handling a variety of high-end design projects in Belgium and beyond. What I really love about this man’s work is his considered approach, relentless consistency and understated luxury captured in each space. His projects explore a sharp vision of space and materials, while maintaining a feeling of warmth…

    Old Chalet Refurbishment by Bergdorf & Nick Ruef // Bernese Oberland, Switzerland.

    30th April

    Located in Interlaken in Bernese Oberland (Bernese Highlands) in Switzerland, this beautiful 200 year-old farmhouse dates back to early 1800s. In 1890, the property was turned into a country house. This year, the chalet was lovingly refurbished by Swiss design agency Bergdorf in collaboration with Berne-based architect Nick Ruef…

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