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    Hanna Krüger Transforms Rosenthal Porcelain into Lamps & Vases.

    6th March

    The ‘Pila’ series, meaning ‘pile’ in italian is a unique and unconventional assemblage of different plates by German designer Hanna Krüger from the Rosenthal Studio Line. The design ‘Pila’ stacks china plates and transforms them into vases and lamps with reference from everyday life – where plate piles are created for pragmatic reasons, for washing up in the sink or stashed in the cupboard. The design also demonstrates that the clash of forms, stories and time can develop a completely new aesthetic dimension.

    MRQT Menswear Boutique by ROK // Stuttgart, Germany.

    9th December

    Swiss architecture firm Rippmann Oesterle Knauss (ROK) recently completed the MRQT Stuttgart boutique. The stand-out feature of this streetwear store is a textured wall made up of 22,000 individual timber dowels. The minimal interior features white walls and a concrete floor to contrast with the feature wall. A range of clothing is hung on metal rails against the textured wall backdrop which references flowing fabric.

    Design Free Thursday // Monobloc Chair Sculptures by Bert Loeschner.

    21st February

    “Monobloc” chair sculptures by artist Bert Loeschner is a project that breathes new life into banal white plastic chairs and also examines the role of the “infamous garden chair” in contemporary design culture. The artist uses heat to modify the chairs into striking sculptural pieces that are sometimes functional, and absolutely always witty and clever…

    Design Free Thursday // Toilet Paper Installations by Sakir Gökcebag.

    7th February

    Elevating mundane household items to spectacular works of art never gets old for me, although I certainly never thought it was possible to create this much beauty from the shitty ol’ toilet paper. (Boom, Boom… Forgive me, I couldn’t resist)…

    3D Walls Made From Timber Dowels and Paper Pipes.

    7th November

    Ok, I admit it – this is a slightly random posts. But then again, I’ve had a few of those in the past. I recently spotted a couple of thing which reminded me of each-other so I decided to include them in a “this-goes-with-that” type posts. Both examples manage to transform commonplace materials (timber dowels and paper pies) into dramatic design installations…

    Rug Sling Chairs | Still + Co. with Sit and Read.

    28th February

    New York based Sit and Read and Still + Co. put their clever heads together and came up with this magnificent concept for rug sling chairs. Overdyed Persian rugs are cut, hemmed, and hand stitched into welded wrought iron frames. Made in Brooklyn, New York, available in edition of 2. Buy them here.

    Design alchemy at it’s best…

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