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    Flinders Lane Apartment by Clare Cousins Architects.

    20th June

    Flinders Lane Apartment by Clare Cousins Architects is an understated city pad designed for a young family. Located in a heritage-listed building in Melbourne’s CBD, the apartment is blessed with high ceilings and abundant natural light from windows along three of the four walls. The open, functional space utilises readily available, affordable materials to make the most of a small space and a modest budget. Plywood joinery was used to define spaces rather than build walls. The adults bedroom utilises 3 colourful sliding screens, which allow the room to be totally screened from the living room or opened up to allow the bed platform to be used as part of the living space.

    Australia’s (Still) Got Talent // Houses Awards Shortlist 2014.

    19th May

    Oh we do love a bit of design awards action here at Yellowtrace HQ, don’t we? How could we not – design awards are the celebration of good design and passionate people who make it all happen, which is pretty much what we try to do around here every single day. It goes without saying that the Houses Awards shortlist which was announced last week once again piqued our interest.

    Australia’s Got Talent // Houses Awards Shortlist 2013.

    15th May

    If there’s one thing Australian architects are really bloody good at, it would have to be The House. Houses Awards recently announced their 2013 shortlist for 125 residential projects across the eight categories. So many fantastic projects by amazing local architects, beautifully captured by our talented photographers. Australia’s got (some serious) talent! Here are just a few of my favourite projects…

    Brick House by Clare Cousins // Melbourne.

    2nd October

    Who says you’re not allowed to touch curves until you’re middle aged? This person obviously hasn’t met Clare Cousins. Either that or Clare Cousins has really good genes. This deliciously curvaceous brick house she designed for her own family is stunning both inside and out. A rounded motif is repeated throughout, beginning with the grand gesture of the undulating upper level and revealing itself again in the interior detailing, such as the rounded brick nib walls. There’s control in the use of curved geometry and it never risks being gimmicky…

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