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    Spot The Star: George Clooney x Yayoi Kusama for W Magazine December 2013.

    17th December

    George Clooney has got to be the ultimate silver fox. That aside, the sheer brilliance of Yayoi Kusama is enough to make me squeal with excitement. To top the whole thing off, just put Georgey-baby in an incredible Giorgio Armani suite, let Kusama go sick on him with her dots, bring in Emma Summerton to photograph the whole thing, and you’ve got yourself one epic cover shoot for W Magazine Dec 2013/ Jan 2014 issue…

    Stranger Than Paradise // Tilda Swinton and Tim Walker for W Magazine.

    1st August

    Tilda Swinton, the enigmatic actress and avant-garde muse of other-worldly androgynous style is the star of W magazine’s “Stranger Than Paradise” editorial, shot by the one and only Tim Walker. This surreal fashion adventure is set in a historical Mexican estate in Las Pozas, originally built by an eccentric English multimillionaire Edward James…

    Polaroid Portrait Mosaics by Maurizio Galimberti [TV].

    28th March

    The making of Polaroid Portrait Mosaics by Maurizio Galimberti.

    Design Free Thursday // Polaroid Portrait Mosaics by Maurizio Galimberti.

    28th March

    Maurizio Galimberti is a celebrated Italian master of Polaroid camera who creates visually arresting, abstract mosaic portraits of celebrities. What I really love about these images is their unique three-dimentional quality. The photographer manages to capture a real sense of intimacy by shooting his subjects from a really close range. It feels as though a viewer is able to focus on a number individual elements simultaneously, and observe an image as a series of frames suspended in time…

    The Little Black Jacket // Photographic Exhibition About CHANEL’s Classic Arrives in Sydney.

    26th October

    Call me a tragic design nerd if you will, but few things in this world get me excited as beautiful, enduring, classic design pieces do, whatever they may be. CHANEL’s Little Black Jacket most definitely falls in that category. CHANEL alone owns that category, but that’s a whole other post. Created during the fifties by Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, The Jacket has become one of the most recognisable and well known fashion icons today – in fact, The Jacket has transcended fashion and become a universal icon of indisputable historical value. Just like a classic piece of furniture, or an iconic example of architecture, the staying power of The Jacket has elevated it to a legendary status..

    Design Free Thursday | Pin Portraits by Philip Karlberg.

    24th May

    I am loving these sculpted portraits of famous people created by photographer Philip Karlberg for Plaza Magazine. Mr Karlberg used approximately 1200 carefully arranged wooden pins and clever lighting to recreate faces of “classic wearers of sunglasses”. Scuplting and shooting took 6 days for the 6 faces…

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