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    Moving Mountains Handmade Furniture & Accessories.

    3rd July

    Moving Mountains is a Brooklyn-based design studio with a Hawaiian twist, established by designer Syrette Lew. As the company name suggests, Moving Mountains is a practice that wants to move beyond the boundaries of industrial design to the convergence of design, art, and fashion. The studio prides itself on creating a diverse range of hand-made products focused on a refined sense of simplicity and artful functionality.

    Tour of Aesop Stores Around The World.

    9th May

    The Awesomeness of Aesop will hardly be news for any of you guys. Since their humble beginnings in 1987 in Melbourne, the brand has gone from strength to strength. Year in and year out, product after product, store after store – Aesop continues to smash it out of the ballpark with their commitment to superlative design. But not just the sort of design that spends a certain amount of money on expensive finishes and insists on ostentatious detailing and high-brow design. No sir.

    Glorious Pastel Drawings of Melting Icebergs by Zaria Forman.

    27th March

    Brooklyn-based artist Zaria Forman documents the realities of climate change in her glorious pastel drawings of melting icebergs and extreme environments. Apart from the fact that Zaria’s work is ridiculously beautiful, I’m most drawn to this sense duality she captures so effortlessly – her drawings have movement and stillness at the same time. They are both calming and eery. Divine and treacherous.

    Fort Standard // Industrial Design Studio in New York.

    21st August

    Fort Standard is a Brooklyn-based contemporary industrial design studio founded by Gregory Buntain and Ian Collings. Pure geometry, sophisticated detailing, and long lasting natural materials like timber, marble and brass are the hallmark of their work. The pair have developed a distinct design language rooted in simplicity and functionality, attention to detail, connections and materiality which they describe as a “warm-contemporary” aesthetic. I, on the other hand, describe it as hipster-ville…

    X-Federation Chair by Victor Vetterlein.

    10th July

    Brooklyn-based designer Victor Vetterlein introduces a new stacking chair called X-Federation. An impossibly thin, gravity defying profile is achieved using a combination of materials and a clever leg arrangement….

    Textile Installation Art by Amanda Browder // Brooklyn, New York.

    12th February

    I’d love to walk down the street and discover one of these assaults of colour. Can you imagine it? There would be a shriek of excitement followed by a case of instagram gone wild. These joyful temporary works are the creation of American artist, Amanda Browder. What I adore about her work is the way she invites play, both in the creation of the work and the final execution…

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