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    Gallery Post // 20sqm Multifunctional Artist Studio by Raanan Stern.

    27th June

    This multifunctional Artist Studio by Raanan Stern is an incredibly versatile 20sqm workspace, featuring a large storage unit split into four areas.

    Atelier Hermann Rosa // Munich, Germany.

    30th July

    There are days when I look at a picture and wish I could pour myself into it. And I think that today’s images are so heavenly you may wish to dive in and join me. We’re off to Munich, to the Atelier Rosa, studio space of the late German sculptor Hermann Rosa. The photos of this magical ensemble of concrete boxes are by Jürg Zimmermann…

    Coffeeklatch // Creative Entrepreneurs in Their Homes.

    13th August

    Let’s be honest – there is no shortage of blogs and websites these days that provide us with a window into the world of creative people and their spaces. Just think The Selby or Paul Barbera’s Where They Create to name just a couple of the big ones. Having said this, there will always be room on the internet for good quality sites which feature delicious photography and stories to match. Enter Coffeeklatch. Launched in September 2011, this site is dedicated to “creative chitchat” with inspiring personalities, featuring beautiful and emotive photography by Bart Kiggen and intriguing stories by Magali Elali…

    Tenka Gammelgaard Studio.

    24th October

    Happy Monday everybody. I wanted to kick off the week with this incredible studio space which belongs to Danish artist Tenka Gammelgaard. Isn’t it just to die for? In fact, those of you that follow yellowtrace on Facebook may recall that I posted some of these images in the visual diary album a little while ago. When recently I spotted it again over on Miss Moss, I just knew I had to share it on the blog for everyone to see.

    I love Tenka’s commitment to stripes and monochromatic palette in everything she does – the space she inhabits, the art she creates, countless objects she surrounds herself with and even the clothes she wears. She even bothers to paint her brushes with black & white stripes! Amaze…

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