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From The Blog.

Hey there good lookin'! Check out some of the recent posts from the blog. Proudly brought to you by Yellowtrace. Word.

Video // ‘Folded Light, Folded Shadow’ by Yuko Nishimura.

Yuko Nishimura is a Japanese artist who specialises in abstract, large-scale paper sculptures that create shifting visual effects with patterns & folds.
JOINT Cafe & Workspace by 56thStudio // Bangkok, Thailand.

Next time I hear someone whinge about how hard it is to design a good-looking workspace on a budget, I'll personally bitch-slap them across...
Sculptural Geometric Lighting by Bec Brittain.

Bec Brittain is a Brooklyn-based lighting designer who draws upon a varied professional and educational background of architecture, philosophy, and product design. Brittain studied...