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    So Hot Right Now // Mobile Buildings.

    4th October

    It’s certainly no news the (Western) world has been moving towards a more mobile existence for quite some time. Advancement of technology in combination with our continued pursuit of alternative lifestyle has brought about many developments towards innovative, or should I say – less conventional ways of working, living and holidaying. One such example is the move towards mobile buildings. Whilst this is far from being a new trend, it’s definitely interesting to see how varied these buildings are in their usage and the way in which they are configured. From true mobile dwellings such as the repurposed vehicles and shipping containers, to more conventional shelters designed to fit on the back of a bicycle or a truck, these interesting examples of mobile buildings from around the globe are a real-life comment about the mobile-nature of the world we live in…

    So Hot Right Now // Marble Madness: Part 01.

    6th September

    Marble has been enjoying a moment in the high-design and fashion spotlight for a little while now. Designers across the globe have been busy reinventing the way they are using marble – from architecture, interiors, furniture, lighting, art, homewares, clothing to styling. This is not at all surprising, given that nothing is quite as impressive or speaks of sophistication and luxury as eloquently as marble. Here are some of my favourite examples that embrace and channel this precious natural material so beautifully…

    So Hot Right Now // Marble Madness: Part 02.

    6th September

    Part 02 of Marble Madness looks at examples where marble is juxtaposed with other colours or materials giving the stone a fresh new look and a contemporary edge. They also show us that, in some cases, a little bit of marble can go a long way…

    So Hot Right Now // Trees In Interiors.

    26th July

    Back in my uni days, I never would’ve thought I’d be telling anyone that trees in interiors are hot. My tutors always used to say – Trees don’t belong inside… Trees in interiors are gimmicky… Well, as it turns out, the world around us is changing. People are craving a direct connection with nature more than ever, hence trees in interiors are popping up all over the place. Allow me to share a few worthy examples…

    Monochrome Masterpieces // Black and White Design Inspiration – Part 01.

    28th June

    Today I wanted to explore some of the finest and most dramatic examples of Monochrome Masterpieces. Although the black & white palette has been around since the dawn of day, I am specifically interested in examples that really take the use of the two “non-colours” to a whole new level, and in doing so break new grounds. These spaces are about extreme contrasts, bold gestures, sharp and refined detailing, slicing and carving of volumes that create a dramatic distinction between the positive and the negative, solid and void. All of them have shown a hard-core commitment to the black & white palette and I am here to applaud them…

    Monochrome Masterpieces // Black and White Design Inspiration – Part 02.

    28th June

    Here we go with Part 02 of the Monochrome Masterpieces. This post specifically looks at residential interiors which take the bold black & white palette to new heights. This approach definitely isn’t for the faint hearted, but boy aren’t these spaces exhilarating to look at. It’s interesting to note that all of these interiors have a very different “genetic make-up”. From contemporary, rustic, ornately heritage, super slick modern verging on futuristic, all the way to understated Japanese aesthetic – each one of these homes took the monochrome palette and made their bitch…

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