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    Design Free Thursday – Random Fun & Games | 2013 Archive.

    9th January

    01 | Before They Pass Away by Jimmy Nelson. 02 | Idols by Hamra Abbas. 03 | Bill Gekas’ Portraits of His Daughter in the Style of Dutch Master Paintings. 04 | Bloom Day Scans Flower Art by Craig Cramer. 05 | Nurture Studies by Diana Scherert 06 | Modern Day Totems by Omar Sosa. 07 | X-Ray Photography by Nick Veasey. 08 | Cinematic Self Portraits by Anja Niemi. 09 | Polaroid Portrait Mosaics by Maurizio Galimberti.

    “If Only For a Second” Project by Mimi Foundation [TV].

    12th December

    Most things I post about make me feel inspired in some way. Some make me laugh. Others make me cry.”If only for a second” makes me feel it all…

    Design Free Thursday // Before They Pass Away by Jimmy Nelson.

    28th November

    Jimmy Nelson is a photographer of people who set out to search for the world’s last indigenous cultures. His goal is to document these rapidly disappearing communities for future generations. Nelson’s fascinating project, Before They Pass Away, is a unique global documentation of the worlds last and most beautiful tribes and cultures. I feel so deeply moved by this project and Nelson’s palpable images which, for me, tap into the essence of mankind and the spirit of humanity. Seeing all these painted bodies, fee souls and wild spirits makes me want to discard all my worldly possessions, move to the jungle and get tattooed up…

    Design Free Thursday // Nurture Studies by Diana Scherer.

    14th November

    The power of simple ideas done beautifully and with conviction will never cease to amaze me. Today I give you “Nurture Studies” by fine art photographer Diana Scherer. This project is presented as a collection of images of 32 flowers which the artist has grown from seed over a six-month period. Rather than growing the flowers in open soil, each seed was planted inside a different shape vase. At the end of the growth period, the plant’s “corset” is removed, revealing a shape evocative of their absent container…

    Design Free Thursday // The Second Self Laboratory by Jan Pieter Kaptein.

    31st October

    Today’s post is brought to you by Halloween. Kidding. But not really. The Second Self Laboratory is a graduation project by Jan Pieter Kaptein from Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE). The premise of the project is to highlight the idea that wearing a disguise, or dressing a certain way, can really change how we behave and how other people perceive us. I’m sure this is something we’ve all experienced in our everyday life, although this project takes things to the extreme…

    Design Free Thursday // Wasted Rita.

    24th October

    How could you not love a candid statement laced with irony? Exactly. Allow me to introduce you to Wasted Rita – a visual artist, agent provocateur, anti-everything and jerk magnet based in Porto, Portugal when not traveling around the world. She describes herself sarcastic as needed, and a full-time thinker who must write about life, human behaviours and play with words to keep breathing…

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