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    Design Free Thursday // My Better Half.

    4th October

    My Better Half is a beautiful post series by a talented graphic designer and blogger Amanda Jane Jones. Amanda regularly features couples and their love stories, alongside great photography and clever graphics…

    Coffeeklatch // Creative Entrepreneurs in Their Homes.

    13th August

    Let’s be honest – there is no shortage of blogs and websites these days that provide us with a window into the world of creative people and their spaces. Just think The Selby or Paul Barbera’s Where They Create to name just a couple of the big ones. Having said this, there will always be room on the internet for good quality sites which feature delicious photography and stories to match. Enter Coffeeklatch. Launched in September 2011, this site is dedicated to “creative chitchat” with inspiring personalities, featuring beautiful and emotive photography by Bart Kiggen and intriguing stories by Magali Elali…

    Design Free Thursday | Edible Pantone Swatches by Emilie de Griottes.

    15th March

    Extreme love alert! Food designer Emilie de Griottes, created a series of desert tarts for French culinary magazine Fricote. Emilie recreated Pantone colour swatches using various fruit placed on tart bases with ends iced in white showing Pantone colour names and codes. Genius!

    Est Magazine.

    17th August

    Ok, so I wanted to tell you a little bit about a brilliant new Australian online magazine called Est. And when I say brilliant, I mean brilliant. Est Magazine received 2.5 million page views within weeks of launching their first issue. Wowee! For those of you who aren’t up to speed with page views and stuff, that is A HOLE LOT OF page views man!

    Their second issue was out just last Friday (12th August) and, if your fancy is tickled by my little selection of images, I urge you to take a closer look…

    Online Equals Endless Creative Opportunities | Guest Post by Pip Jamieson.

    26th April

    Ummm… wow. My guest posters are seriously putting me to shame. Enter Pip Jamieson – one of the founders of the huuuuuuugely succesful online portfolio site The Loop.You may remember Pip from an interview I did with her in the early days of yellowtrace. By the way, The Loop recently won ‘Best Enterprise’ at the AIMIA Awards (which is a really, really big deal). Congrats guys, and thank you Pip for this incredibly generous and useful post…

    Thoughts/ Tangents + Books/ Magazines | 2010 Archive.

    5th January

    01 | On Inspiration And Honing Your Design Instincts. 02 | In Between Spaces. 03 | Why Is Beautiful And Inspiring Commercial Design So Scarce? 04 | What Do Criminals, Entrepreneurs & Designers Have In Common? 05 | A Year Ago Today. 06 | Designer vs Personal Trainer. Btw, in case you care, this is probably my favourite post…

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