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    Urban Larder by Sarah K at designEX.

    27th May

    Summing up the many achievements of the talented and industrious Sarah K in a single paragraph is nearly impossible. An architect, a product designer, a design curator and all around creative powerhouse, Sarah has successfully undertaken countless creative projects and initiatives in Australia and overseas. In other words, this woman is a formidable figure and a shining light of example on the Australian design scene. Sarah K’s latest project is a very special limited retail experience, Urban Larder, set to take place at the upcoming designEX in Melbourne. Curated and produced by Ms K in collaboration with Bree Claffey of Mr Kitly and Sarah Trotter of Hearth, the pop up shop will be selling furniture, tableware, tablewear, utensils, pot plants, vases and produce such as honey, chocolate, ale, sugar and salt…

    Design Free Thursday // Hate Mail by Mr Bingo.

    18th April

    It all started one drunken night (as many worth while things do). London artist Mr Bingo tweeted “I will send an offensive postcard to the first person to reply to this message”. Fifty people responded in the first minute, and a stranger by the name of Jonathan Hopkins was chosen. The postcard Mr Bingo sent to him said “F*ck you Jonathan, f*ck you and f*ck your sh*t legs”. Pretty harsh stuff…

    Yellowtrace Spotlight // February 2013.

    4th February

    Hello friends, and welcome to the February edition of Yellowtrace Spotlight. Today I’ve got some new products, home-wares, industry news and a bit of online action to share. Here we go…

    Design Free Thursday // The Burning House by Foster Huntington.

    6th December

    Portland-based photographer, Foster Huntington, had an interesting idea to invite a bunch of people to lay out the belongings they would bring with them in the event their home was on fire. This is an intriguing concept and it poses a question about what are the most important “things” that define us. Having said this, I’m not entirely convinced some of these people understood the seriousness of the situation they were asked to “curate” for…

    Yellowtrace Spotlight // December 2012.

    3rd December

    How is it December already? That’s just crazy talk! That can only mean one thing – it’s time for the December edition of “Yellowtrace Spotlight”. Below is the selection of some of the things that have been submitted or uncovered in the past month – think news, exhibitions, online shops, products, projects etc. Ok, let’s dive in…

    The Little Black Jacket // Photographic Exhibition About CHANEL’s Classic Arrives in Sydney.

    26th October

    Call me a tragic design nerd if you will, but few things in this world get me excited as beautiful, enduring, classic design pieces do, whatever they may be. CHANEL’s Little Black Jacket most definitely falls in that category. CHANEL alone owns that category, but that’s a whole other post. Created during the fifties by Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, The Jacket has become one of the most recognisable and well known fashion icons today – in fact, The Jacket has transcended fashion and become a universal icon of indisputable historical value. Just like a classic piece of furniture, or an iconic example of architecture, the staying power of The Jacket has elevated it to a legendary status..

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    Next time I hear someone whinge about how hard it is to design a good-looking workspace on a budget, I'll personally bitch-slap them across...
    Sculptural Geometric Lighting by Bec Brittain.

    Bec Brittain is a Brooklyn-based lighting designer who draws upon a varied professional and educational background of architecture, philosophy, and product design. Brittain studied...
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    Colombo and Serboli Architecture have transformed a neglected and previously poorly planned interior into an attractive holiday home. The apartment is located on the...