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    Introducing // Yellowtrace TV.

    1st July

    Dearest Design Lovin’ Dudes, I’m super excited to tell you that Yellowtrace now has a TV. Errrr, actually… I’m not here to brag about some giant TV we bought – no sir – nobody wants to hear about that, except maybe for the boys. Boring! What I really meant is that, in addition to the regular daily posting, you will now be seeing video content each week…

    Design Installations & Other Special Moments During Salone del Mobile // Milan 2013.

    17th May

    Today I wanted to chat to you about some of the wonderful moments and installations that took place during the Milan Design Week. As you’ve probably gathered, an overwhelming amount of things happens in Milan during the Design Week. When compared to previous years, 2013 was definitely quieter and more modest due to the grim state of European (and global) economy. Having said this, there was still plenty to see and do. Let’s dive in…

    Ventura Lambrate // Milan 2013.

    3rd May

    Reporting back on Ventura Lambrate 2013 is a seriously overwhelming task. Why? Because it was all sorts of amazing and huge, and I now have so much to share with you! The event was brought to life by Margriet Vollenberg & Margo Konings, the founders of Dutch studio Organisation in Design. This dynamic duo and their team have created a unique and inspiring event that captures the true spirit of creativity. This is where you can find a diverse mix of upcoming designer from around the world, leading design schools and established names all coming together for the same cause – celebration of design. Hooray!

    2.0 Exhibition at the Museo Bagatti Valsecchi, Curated by Rosanna Orlandi // Milan 2013.

    29th April

    Stepping into the Museo Bagatti Valsecchi is a real feast for the senses. Tucked between Via Santo Spirito and Via Gesù in the centre of Milan, this late 19th-century neo-Renaissance palazzo opened it’s doors as a museum in 1994. As though this museum wasn’t spectacular enough, the recent intervention by two Ladies – Goga Ashkenazi – billionaires, oil-magnate and serial entrepreneur, and Rossana Orlandi – highly respected art and design curator – takes the experience of visiting Bagatti Valsecchi to a whole new level…

    Best of Salone Satellite // Milan 2013.

    26th April

    Tucked away in the back corner of the gigantically enormous RHO Fiera and it’s 24 epic halls, Salone Satellite 2013 brought together the most promising young designers from around the world. This year I found the show to be of the highest standard I’ve seen to date. Not only did I discover quite a few examples of outstanding work, the event itself seemed more impressive than usual. Here are my top pics of new designers and products on show at Salone Satellite 2013…

    Moooi Unexpected Welcome with Erwin Olaf // Milan 2013.

    23rd April

    Unexpected Welcome was precisely as the name suggests. A world unto itself dreamed up by Moooi and their long term collaborator Erwin Olaf. A series of hyper-real dramatically lit sets were accompanied by super-sized backdrops of stunning images by the master Dutch photographer. Each setting provided an escape and told it’s own story. There was a beautiful tension created by the irreverent, sometimes flirtatious styling of the furniture, props and lighting, while the haunting and enigmatic backdrops provided a real sense of grandeur and drama…

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