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I received an e-mail from the lovely Grace Camobreco, Creative Director at Taylor&Grace a few days ago. Grace is also an author of the beautiful blog called graceful taylor which I encourage you to visit if you are interested in well written, intelligent and interesting content – and who isn’t?!

Grace shared with me the opening of a new retail concept in Melbourne called Potier, who were her {dream!} clients from the very beginning. I clicked on their website and I was instantly hooked. Located in Albert Park, Potier is dedicated to the work of Australia’s top ceramic artists. It is the first retail store in Melbourne of it’s kind with a focus on promoting the importance of ceramic practice, developing a broader understanding of handmade one-off pieces for everyday use and as collectors’ items.

Free from the constraints of the production line, each piece is an individual work of art with a unique history and provenance. Sharing this story with the customer and promoting ceramic practice lies at the heart of Potier’s ethos.

The store is founded by Judith Buckeridge after a long-term desire to provide a space that would give ceramic artists the recognition they deserve and offer them an avenue to sell their works directly to the public. Artists represented include the likes of Jane Sawyer, Sandy Lockwood, Katherine Mahoney & Phil Elson to name a few.

I can’t wait to go to Melbourne {in September!} so I can check it out in person. And for all you lucky buggers who live there already, here are the details.

29 Mills Street
Albert Park VIC 3206
Ph 03 9645 7158

Tuesday–Saturday 10.00am-5.30pm &Sunday 10.00am-3.00pm


Accessories and jewelley by Bridget Bodenham. Using high fired ceramic stoneware and porcelain, she beats, builds, embeds, pierces, scrapes, squashes and transforms until the colour, density, shape, texture and tone are in harmony.


Irianna Kanellopoulou’s practice is largely involved with the creation of individual ceramic forms that create a narrative and explore issues of identity, displacement, unity and movement.


Kris Coad makes vessels for the purpose of creating objects that are a pleasure to use, no matter how simple the meal is.

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