Summer, sand and seashells were the inspiration for the set designed by Chris Bosse and Amanda Henderson for the MYER fashion show. “We essentially used the geometry of a triton shell which is strictly mathematical but occurs in many beautiful manifestations. We digitised the idea and sliced it into buildable components. The models moved through the shell and then onto the catwalk,” said Bosse.


Question. When do you know you’ve made it as a blogger? When you get invited to a fashion show of course! Ha ha! People often ask me about the best experience I’ve had since starting this blog, and I never really know how to answer that question, cause there have been quite a few wonderful things so far. Luckily, last week I had a super awesome and fun experience which now makes it a lot easier to answer the said question. So here goes!

I received a little e-mail from Amanda Henderson of Gloss Creative (as in, OMG, that would have been enough to make my week alone, but no, the story gets even better). She invited me to the MYER fashion show so that I could also see what she and Chris Bosse had designed for the runway, and so that we could also meet in person. No prizes for guessing my reaction, which was something like – “Holy shit! This is seriously one of the coolest things ever”! Oh, and there may have been an odd squeal in there too. By the way, I interviewed Amanda a few months ago (click here). If you haven’t read the interview yet, I urge you to do it as she is an incredibly generous, creative and inspiring human being. Promise.

One for the boys – sexy ladies in bikinis with Jennifer Hawkins as the star. Although I was trying to argue with Husband that the boys were waaaay hotter in their budgie smugglers. No photos though, sorry girls.


So along I went to the big fashion show held at CarriageWorks last Thursday night (5th August). Now, I’ve gotta tell you that I’ve never been to a fashion show before, so clearly the first thing I thought of was – What am I going to wear? After settling for a little black number (which I hear is exactly the sort of thing you wear to a fashion show, unless you own something by one of the designers in the show, and preferably from their latest collection of course… darling). Anyway, while waiting for the show to begin I realised that I have never been in the same room with so many glamazons before – bloody hell! Models, actresses, TV presenters, musos and all sorts of other major and minor celebrities with perfect skin, hair, teeth, clothes, oh and bodies. Blimey! Needless to say I was feeling somewhat inadequate, so I sought comfort  in champagne and seriously yummy hors d’oeuvres (or horses’ doovers as I like to call them). Oh, you know what the best thing is about fashion type gorgeous looking crowd? Nobody eats that much, so there was plenty of yummy treats on offer for mere morals like myself. Score.

All this aside, I was so grateful that I got the opportunity to meet Amanda and Chris, and see their spectacular creation for the show. They designed a giant seashell installation made out of sand-coloured plywood. The structure was 18m long and 5m high, digitally designed and CNC cut, and it consisted of 2000 pieces put together like a puzzle. Even though it sounds quite complex, the end result was so elegant, simple and effortless. Extreme love.

The seashell theme allowed many moods, from sea goddesses at sunrise to sirens at sunset, creating another world for the thirty Australian designers on show. “The shell is reflective of both the blonde colours of this season and the bleached beauty of the Australian beach. I love shells for their organic shapes, they really are the ‘architects of the ocean’ with their efficient and beautiful mathematical formulae,” said Henderson.


Amanda told me that she picked up a gorgeous book on seashells from Page One in Hong Kong (mental note – must go to Page One next time I’m in Honkers) which became the backbone for her design inspiration and creative concept. Chris Bosse of LAVA was her clever architectural co-creator, production was undertaken by Rizer and manufacturing by Staging Rentals. Oh, and apparently the whole thing took only 5 days to design, document and manufacture. How good is that? Clearly only a hugely clever and competent team could pull something like that off in only 5 days. Respect. Also, this three-dimensional installation is a second collaboration between Chris and Amanda. They worked together on the award winning bubble Melbourne Cup Moet Marquee in 2005 (you can find photos of it in my interview with Amanda right here.)

It’s a bit of a bummer that I was totally too shy to take any photos during the night in the effort to maintain some dignity amongst the A-list, as I already felt a little bit like a second class citizen. Amanda created a very beautiful tree branch and lantern installation which was suspended over the giant oyster bar in the pre-function / after party area. I know, photos would be a lot better then just my words. Sorry. And for those of you wondering, Amanda was just like I imagined her to be in person – friendly, generous, no-nonsense, personable, humble and all around super lovely.

You know, being a blogger is a pretty awesome job, and sometimes I feel like the luckiest blogger around.

x dana


Photography by Rocket Mattler.

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