• Wall Piece with 200 Letters // Mikko Kuorinki at Kiasma Museum in Helsinki.

    Posted on 8th August, by Dana Tomić Hughes in art, installations. 3 Comments

    Mitch Hedberg //  Mitch All Together (2003)

    Joe Brainard // Poem (1971)

    Gertrude Stein // Tender Buttons (1914)

    Bertol Brecht // Im Dickicht der Städte (1923)

    Nicolas Chamfort

    David Foster Wallace // Infinite Jest (1996)

    David Foster Wallace

    Franz Kafka // Unpublished Works 1916-1918

    Elias Canetti // The Human Province (1973)

    Frantz Fanon // Black Skin, White Masks (1952)

    John Berryman

    Paulo Freire // Pedagogy of the Oppressed (1970)


    Between March 2010 and February 2011, Helsinki based artist Mikko Kuorinki formed one new text on the wall of Kiasma Museum each week. Using removable letters and mouldings, Mikko assembled a number of intersting, inspiring, and moving words and quotes by various novelists, philosopher, poets and thinkers. These are some of my favourites. See all of them here.

    [Images courtesy of Mikko Kuorinki.]

  • 3 Responses to “Wall Piece with 200 Letters // Mikko Kuorinki at Kiasma Museum in Helsinki.”

    1. Mike says:

      Looks good. I’m currently working on online designer for letters like this so anyone can build something similar by just using their browser. Try this link to see how it works.

    2. [...] Helsinki-based artist Mikko Kuorinki  created a new piece of art each week over the course of a year from 2010-11 using the words of writers and philosophers at the Kiasma Museum. This one pretty much sums up my gardening prowess … (See more at Yellowtrace). [...]

    3. [...] Artists: | Website | [via: Yellow Trace] [...]

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